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So back in December, I was doing some thinking. I wanted to slightly change the direction of where and what I wanted this blog to be. No huge changes, just some tweaking. My Handy Man will tell you that this girl is not a fan of change. Whenever anything around our home is going to change, at first I am pretty (okay VERY) resistant to any alteration to what I perceive to be the norm in our lives. Thank God that He gave me a man that embraces change and is more than happy to drag me along until I get used to said change!

The kicker is that I am an ICU nurse and things are always changing at work. At the hospital, I can and will take any change that is thrown my way in stride. Funny, one would think that tendency would bleed over into my home life. Not so. As a matter of fact, the ability to handle the unexpected does not last as far as the nurse’s station. When I come back to whatever computer I have decided was mine, which is the same one I use any time I am working, all of my duties are there lined out in a list.


Yes, I make a list of all the things that I need to accomplish for my patients in the current shift. If, and that is a monumentally giant IF, I have time for anything else during my shift, I also have another running list of things I need to accomplish at work, such as continuing education or whatever else needs to be done. I cannot tell you the satisfaction that I feel every time I get to cross something off my lists. And trust me, I have one for anything that I have to do. I keep a standard running list of groceries needed, bills to be paid, and cleaning chores. Every fall, I have a renewable list of things that I will pack for deer camp.

My Handy Man does not do lists. He thinks I am completely crazy to write and rewrite the same things that I do all the time. I try to describe to him the feeling of peace that lists bring me. However, he does not get it and I cannot….. Or will not??….. No definitely CANNOT change it. I think I was making lists way back in kindergarten and maybe sooner than that. I do not exactly recall when I became a list maker extraordinaire. I will have to check with my mom on that.


But anyway, back to the point of My Handy Man’s contention with my incessant need for a list. I assert that everyone has the need to make lists. My Handy Man makes lists and keeps them inside his very nice looking head, along with a compass that I apparently do not posses. I know that I am not the only one with this obsession. However, My Handy Man says that I make lists to make a list. Which is totally blown out of proportion. I only put the phrase “make a list” on one or maybe two lists, max!


Lists are my security blanket. They are for the most part the only way I get things done. Once the final task is crossed off, I can go home from work and sleep in peace or know that the revolving list of bills have been paid or that I brought everything that I meant to take to deer camp or on vacation or that I have bought everything I needed to when I went to the store. If everything is on the list, then I have assurance that everything is under control. Maybe it is a false assurance or maybe it makes me a bit of a control freak. Hey, it is what it is.

Our Soldier sleeping in peace.

Over the last couple of years, My Handy Man and I have not had too many constants in our lives. Our world has been rocked to and fro. Nevertheless, we maintain and will continue to hold onto the ability to find silver-linings and can count many blessings that have come about, too. The past nine months have been particularly painful, but I think we may have reached some sort of a turning point. For the first time in a while, we finally have some bright spots to look forward to. However, I cannot go into that tonight. I will write about it tomorrow. It is on the list!

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Avoiding Jonah’s Plight


I was talking to My Handy Man one night in January. We were headed back from The Ranch and he was mentally preparing himself for the long run of surgeries that were spread out in front of him. As our conversations tend to do, we covered a wide variety of topics.

Where did we want to hunt this year? The same place versus a new place. What did we want to eat and where did we want to stop? Wherever and whatever you want, my love. (I can tell you that over 50% of any arguments we have are over restaurants. Maybe 75%. Trust me, it is better to just pick a place!) What are our plans for the future/his career/my career? Heavy and life-changing choices. Why did we think God was doing these things in our life right now?

As far as my career, I will always want to be at home taking care of my family. I cannot help or change that. It is the way God made me. I love being at home, cooking, cleaning, and looking to my family’s needs. I was completely born in the wrong decade! My admiration goes to those career-minded women who enjoy being out in the world and climbing a corporate ladder. I do not, have not, nor
will I ever enjoy working outside my home.

That being said, during this time that we find ourselves in, I am both thankful to have a degree and happy to go out and make a living to help our family. I am glad I went to school because God knew that this time in our lives was coming and we needed to be prepared for it.  However, I am not okay with the situation where I am currently employed and will possibly have to change it. More on that in a later post.

My Handy Man is a different story. He loves working and providing for his family. I love that he does so enjoy it. He also loves to serve the Lord and he has the true heart of a servant. What he hates, though, is to be stuck in the house for any extended period of time. He does okay for a day, barely, but past that he gets fidgety, unsettled, and downright irritable. The trouble with this is that he will not be released to do his current career, probably ever. We think we have come up with an alternative that will make him happy. We will see.


As far as our future goes, only God knows what will happen. I know that His plan is to use both of us. In what capacity, I do not know yet. I do know one thing for certain though, neither of us wants to be like Jonah. We do not want to run from whatever God wants us to do. I told My Handy Man that I think we should take this time of surgery and recovery to evaluate our lives and see if we are doing what God wants from us. We may find ourselves right on track or way off base.
However we need to be prepared for our lives to change. He may call us to stay and serve right where we are. Then again, He may call us to pick up and go elsewhere. We have to be prepared and okay with leaving our home, work, the large family close by, and the comfort of serving in a church that we love. It sounds scary right now, but we know that with God all things are possible, profitable to us, and probable. He will ask us to choose Him first, no matter what that entails.


All the time!

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