Do it yourself European Mount Ideas

Good information to have handy!

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8 thoughts on “Do it yourself European Mount Ideas

  1. We do our own European mounts. However, we carve and boil ours by hand. The garage when it happens isn’t heated, so a beetle colony wouldn’t survive in winter out there, and I refuse to let those little things in the house. However, when the garage is steamy and smells like propane and boiling brains, I almost wish for a colony of flesh eating beetles. It’s a really messy process.

    • Yes we have a big shop and no plans for beetles….. We are about to find out what it’s like since we have 3 to do… Unless my husband or son gets another, then we will have 5. I have no buck tags left 😉 We only pay for shoulder mounts if it’s a first buck or just a really awesome buck. And neither one of us knows any taxidermy, one day we’d like to learn but that’s in the future!

      • Taxidermy is a sort of gross and morbid hobby. Boyfriend (Matt) has taken it up. It’s difficult, particularly if you’re teaching yourself. If he had more time, I’m sure he’d go to taxidermy classes. My only rec for doing the Euro mounts is this: clean the skull as much as you can before boiling it. It cuts down on the time significantly. Also, a good way to do it is to get a propane turkey fryer. The big pot that comes with it will hold 3 deer skulls, so long as they’re pared down.

      • Thanks for the advice!

  2. I just drop the skull in a bucket of water and forget about it. Change the water every so often depending on the time of year. MIcrobes munch the fat and meat. Beetles have been hard for me to find and boiling sometimes cooks the fat into the skull. Plus, I’m lazy.

    • Thanks lol! What about animals? I’d wait until spring and put it on an ant bed, but I’m afraid something will drag them off!

      • Fire ants will eat bone! A lid keeps most things at bay and helps control the stink. And let me warn you: the stench from a bear or pig’s head rotting in a bucket of water in about mid-August in Texas is a serious biological weapon if it falls into the wrong hands…do not bump the bucket, be careful when you change the water, and for goodness sake warn all your loved ones to not mess with the bucket…

      • Haha thanks for the warning!! And, I had no idea they’d eat the bone as well! Well, there goes that idea!

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